About Elmo's Diner

Like a true diner, we serve homemade food and breakfast all the time. We have comfy booths, as well as tables, and lots of high chairs and boosters for the little ones! We are a gathering place where locals are sure to see someone they know and visitors are likely to make new friends. We're a community restaurant both in the sense that we are a local favorite and in the sense that we strive to be good neighbors and give back to our community.

Who is Elmo?

The answer to this question remains a mystery to many of our customers. Those who venture to ask will find out the name “Elmo” was inspired by a sympathetic movie character who was born on the wrong side of luck. Featured in Made in Heaven, Elmo represented the common man and you were meant to root for his success. We liked the friendly, unpretentious sound of “Elmo’s Diner” – and we were definitely rooting for our own success – so the name stuck. We like to think the friendly and unpretentious qualities stuck as well. It’s our goal to make everyone feel welcome in Elmo’s, and in turn, hope they pass those feelings along to others.