Elmo's Diner

“First Tuesday” is July 6th!

Don’t leave your community spirit at the pool just because it is summer time!  Elmo’s Diner is still fundraising for community schools even during the summer months.  On Tuesday, July 6th, Elmo’s Diner-Durham, will be donating 10% of sales from the entire day to Pearsontown Elementary PTA.  The Carrboro Elmo’s will be donating 10% of their sales to Seawell Elementary PTA.  School budgets are tight and every little bit helps! Please join us and help them earn as much as possible.

Indy’s Best in Triangle Awards are Announced!

A big thank you to all our customers who voted in the 2010 Indy’s Best in the Triangle Awards.  We received “Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant” and “Best Breakfast”.  Elmo’s Diner was also a finalist for “Best Comfort Food” and “Best Wait Staff”.   We really appreciate the recognition and will make every attempt to continue to do our “bests”!

Lisa Jones (Durham Elmo’s)

What is your secret identity outside of Elmo’s?

I am a mixed media painter who focuses more on abstract themes. I use a lot of faces, trees, houses and chairs in my imagery. In fact, a lot of the servers at the Durham Elmo’s have change tins that I have painted for them—many of them are chairs.

How did you get interested in art and where did you study?

My mom bought me my first watercolor set when I was three and then I won an Easter coloring contest sponsored by Kerr Drug when I was eight. As an only child, drawing was a good way to entertain myself.

I received several scholarships to study art and graduated from ECU with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA).

What media do you use?

Lots of standard media like acrylic paint, pens, pencils, papers, colored pencils, gloss, ink, fabrics, collage, spray paint, and stencils. But then I like to also incorporate fun items that I find like antique wall paper, old architectural floor plans and even old bed sheets. If you look at the Elmo’s Duck in the Duck Gallery of this website you can see where I have used some antique wall paper.

Several of your pieces resemble faces that have been exaggerated. What has lead to this unique element of your style?

Well, the biggest change in art was after the invention of the camera. The camera made photorealism less of a focus for artists. Real faces are easy to capture–I like to exaggerate the human face because it interests me and it keeps things fun.

What influences what you create?

My imagination, also interesting photographs of people. I think that my art got a lot weirder once I graduated from college because I had more time to be creative with fewer deadlines and more freedom.

Do you have any shows coming up?  What is the best way to get in touch with you to view your work?

Yes, you can see more work at Helios Café in Raleigh during the month of July. I’ll probably also be at Sparkcon in August. You can find more information about where to catch my work on my website which is www.lisanjonesart.com, and my email is lisa@lisanjonesart.com.

Is there anything else that you would like your Elmo’s fans to know about your secret identity?

Sure.  I would like everyone to know that I have several paintings on display in the Durham Elmo’s.  You can find them above the duck board in the main foyer.