Elmo's Diner

Durham Menu Changes!

If you are looking for the Swiss, Artichoke and Portabella Quiche or Salmon Caesar that regularly appear at the bottom of the specials inserts don’t panic!  They have been added to the regular menu.  We have also made some other changes as well, which include: fresh broccoli as a square meals choice, white rice replacing the seasoned rice, a kid’s veggie meal, Onion Rings, Southwest Chicken Salad, Cinnamon Apple Pancakes, Salmon Cake Sandwich and the Shepherd’s Pie on the regular menu.  Our menu is large so we did need to make adjustments to make room for these additions.  The Roast Beef Meal and Roast Beef Sandwich have come off the regular menu, but will appear as a special from time to time.  This also results in changes to our Trifecta and Chef Salad—ham will now be replacing the roast beef which was an ingredient in both of these menu items.  Also, be on the lookout for new specials to come!

Elmo’s is Open!

Thanks to some extraordinary help from staff and faithful customers, both Elmo’s in Durham and in Carrboro are open for business Monday.  Come on in and see us and tell us about your weekend in the snow!