Elmo's Diner

Elmo Defeats Old Man Winter!

Old Man Winter put up a good fight this weekend, keeping the Durham Elmo’s locked up all day Saturday and Sunday, to our dismay.  Thanks to helping hands from some intrepid employees, some sunshine, and some salt and sand, we were able to get out to the store today and start getting things cleaned up and ready for Monday.

We will be opening Monday morning at 9:00am, unless there are any unforeseen delays.  We will be on-site early to start prepping food and assessing the safety of our parking lot and walkways.  If there is anything amiss that keeps us from opening promptly at 9:00am, we will open as close to that as we can.

Thank you all for hanging with us, and apologies to those who ventured out and found us closed.  Running a restaurant is a group effort, and in ensuring the safety of our whole group, we focused on giving you 100% on Monday instead of 20 or 30% today.  We have a bunch of stir-crazy folks who are ready to and anxious to serve our customers, and we look forward to seeing everyone!

Sunday Status

Because of icy overnight conditions and the current state of our parking lot, Elmo’s in Durham will be closed Sunday, January 31st.  We are actively looking for someone to clear the parking lot so that we can get open on Monday.  If anyone happens to read this and know of anyone with the proper scraping equipment, you can send an email our way at elmos.mark@gmail.com.

Thanks again for your patience and know that we really want to be open!

Winter Weather Update

We awoke to an accurate forecast and a white-blanketed Triangle!  While area children will rejoice at the opportunity to go sledding, both Elmo’s in Durham and in Carrboro will be closed today due concerns about road safety, especially as the precipitation continues on into the day (and because as this is being posted, the snow’s turned decidedly sleety).

Our current game plan is similar to yesterday’s: we will remain optimistic and, if crews can get the roads clear, we’ll try to open on Sunday.  We will be watching the weather throughout the day, and will post updates.

Thanks to everyone for your patience–have fun in the snow, stay warm, and stay safe!

Winter Weather

Elmo’s Faces Winter Weather

Due to the current forecast and the falling snow, both the Durham and Carrboro Elmo’s Diner have closed early on Friday at 8:00pm.  We will be closely watching the forecast and the roads overnight and early tomorrow morning.  We are crossing our fingers, staying optimistic, and hoping to be able to open Saturday morning at 9:00.  If the forecasts hold true and the snow, sleet, and ice persist, we may not be able to open.

Please keep checking in with us and we will do everything we can to be open as soon as it’s safe for our staff to get to and from work.

Thanks for your patience and in the mean time, go enjoy the snow!
The Elmo’s Staff